• Integrity

    As a client, you need to find and hire the most qualified attorney as efficiently as possible. Advertising, the job boards and your own website can attract good candidates. My role is to find the best, through direct recruiting or from the pool of candidates and the relationships developed over many years. I present your opportunity with professionalism and discretion, and remain involved throughout the interview, negotiation and transition process. 

    As an outstanding candidate you need to remain committed to your practice while being open to opportunities for professional and personal growth. My function is to bring those opportunities to your attention, provide you with an overview of the market, save you time, and prepare you for specific interviews. Together we can find the opportunity that best fits your goals.  I will not reveal your or your current employer's identity without a full discussion of an opportunity, and without your express permission. The process requires absolute confidentiality, honesty and often a long-term relationship.  

    Mutual trust is essential. A long term commitment the measure of our value.